Hello, I'm Darren.

Developer by day. Guitar playing, whisky drinking, music loving, slightly geeky, glasses wearing type of guy by night.


Raspberry Pi & Airplay

With a couple of hours free to tinker with the Raspberry Pi, I thought a nice little project would be to set it up as an Airplay receiver attached to the speakers in the kitchen. Turns out it's pretty simple!

Buffalo WLI-U2-KG54L, Arch & Raspberry Pi

I had a spare Buffalo Wireless G USB adapter kicking around and wanted to hook the pi (running Arch) up to our home wi-fi. It turned out to be pretty simple, but did require a bit of digging around. I figured I would leave the process here for my reference and in the hope that it may help somebody out.

Contact Me

Feel free to email me at: hello@helloimdarren.com

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